• Chiropractic Services

The nervous system is the master controller of all living cells, tissues and organs; orchestrating and coordinating all bodily functions. The skull and spinal column encase the nervous system (brain and spinal cord) for its protection, and it is the only system in the body encased in bone; stressing its importance. Slight misalignments in the spine, jamming cranial sutures, or alteration in biomechanical structure or function irritates the adjacent nervous tissue resulting in a wide range of negative effects, most of which are at a sub-perception level.  By the time we "feel" a symptom/pain, about 60% of that tissue's function has already been compromised. As a chiropractor, we are trained to locate such misalignments or malfunctions in the spine/cranium and correct them, hence removing the interference to the nervous system and allowing our bodies to function at a more optimal level.